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Occupational medicine

Occupational medicine is a branch of clinical medicine concerned with the identification and management of health risks in the workplace.

Professionals in the field serve businesses and their employees and focus on the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of any work-related health issues. Occupational medicine also supports business efforts to comply with workplace safety laws.

The study of occupational medicine is founded on the belief that workers’ safety and well-being is affected by a range of factors present in a complex and dynamic environment. Changes in the relationships and standards of the society, government, labor unions, employers, and workers influence the evolving scope of occupational medicine.

Occupational medicine specialist speaking to worker about workplace safety
Occupational health physician speaking to manager

The goals of occupational medicine include:

  • Develop and implement workplace health programs

  • Prevent occupational accidents and injuries

  • Identify potential hazards in the workplace

  • Maintain the physical and mental well-being of workers

  • Diagnose and treat occupational injuries and illnesses

  • Assess workers’ health and fitness to determine whether they are fit to work

  • Rehabilitate workers who have become sick or injured in the workplace

A few hazards that occupational medicine deals with or evaluates include:


  • Toxic materials used in production

  • Stressors in work processes

  • Industrial hygiene

  • Indoor air quality and other environmental issues

  • Ergonomics

  • Workplace diseases and injuries

  • Workplace violence

  • Bioterrorism

In achieving these goals, occupational medicine combines different disciplines, including:

  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation

  • Preventive medicine

  • Psychology

  • Toxicology

  • Public health

  • Environmental health

Occupational medicine specialist aiding injured worker

Medical professionals who specialize in occupational medicine are called occupational medicine specialists, occupational physicians, or occupational and environmental medicine (OEM) physicians. These medical professionals must be competent in all areas of clinical medicine to serve workers effectively.

They are considered an integral part of the company and are expected to possess a general knowledge of workplace operations. They interact with both the company’s management team, labor force, government agencies, unions, hospitals, and public health officials.

Occupational medicine plays a key role in society, offering benefits to the individual and the community.

When Should An Employee See An Occupational Physician?

Large companies and organizations should have occupational medicine specialists on staff to assess the health of their employees and the safety of their workplace on a continuous basis. All employers are recommended to do so as part of their responsibility to protect their employees.

Companies should also implement health and safety programs preemptively to protect their workers. Hiring occupational physicians can help prevent accidents, diseases, and injuries from occurring in the workplace.

By ensuring the health of employees and the safety of the workplace, companies are also ensuring the continuity of their operations by preventing accidents that could disrupt or delay their processes.

Some companies have a full-time occupational medicine specialist on staff. However, many occupational medicine physicians also work in hospitals, multi-specialty clinics, and occupational medicine clinics.

Advanced Treatment

Some patients may need advanced treatment to address workplace injuries or illness. Advanced treatment for workplace accidents and slip and fall accidents may include chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy, and even surgery. Patients are encouraged to speak to their physician at Las Vegas Primary Care to learn more about obtaining advanced treatment for their injuries.


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