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At Las Vegas Primary Care, we provide patients with completed POP/CDL/DOT exams and all necessary paperwork after the evaluation. Our physicians have been certified to perform these exams for commercial drivers. Whether you are obtaining a Provisional Operator’s Permit or a Commercial Driver’s License, the exam step is important and is required by the Department of Transportation (DOT). It helps to assure you and your employer that you are healthy enough to perform the job and stay safe.
During the exam, the doctor will:
  • Review your health history (any previous problems, concerns, or surgeries) as well as any family history issues that could put you at risk
  • Conduct a urinalysis
  • Complete a detailed physical exam including your overall health, the sound of your heart and lungs, your coordination, etc.
  • Test your vision and hearing to make sure that you meet the minimum requirements (with or without correction like glasses or hearing aids)
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